Sipping on Warm Coffee: Brand Identity & Blog Design

Dee Escobar is a down-to-earth wife and busy mom of 2. Her dream has been to share her life with others through blogging! Her blogs are honest, fun, and up-lifting - the perfect thing to read while you're sipping on some warm coffee. Dee is truly an inspiration. She needed a little help on the way to motivate her to continue her passion of writing. So, we created a brand and a blog site to be the sanctuary of sharing her creativity with the world!

Inspiration Board

Dee's vision was a brand that resembled the feeling you get when you drink a warm cup of coffee - this being the central theme. The images that were chosen reflect a sophisticated, rustic, cozy and warm vibe. Not only does Dee blog about her personal life, but this blog will offspring many home decor DIY projects! So, when creating this inspiration board, we kept "home" close in mind.


Logo Concepts

Since Dee wanted a rustic and cozy feel, we played around with hand-drawn logo variations and text that was hand-written. And of course, we had to include a coffee mug. Here are some initial concepts:


Brand Identity & Blog Design

After refining concept 2, we ended up with our final logo. We then expanded the brand by creating leafy graphics, adding patterns for more character, and choosing a forest-after-the rain color palette. For typography, we stuck with a mature serif coupled with a modern san serif that is used sparingly. A Squarespace website was created to showcase Dee's blogging talent and home decorating skills! You can check it out at