Support women-owned businesses this VALENTINE'S DAY!


If you're looking for a perfect Valentine's Day to get that special person in your life, or just looking to treat yourself, what better way than to start with these Austin women-owned businesses! Here are some gift options you can feel good about:


Glamorous Paparazzi Jewelry

Treat yourself or a loved one to a little glamor without breaking the bank. Paparazzi necklace and earrings sets are available for $5, or complete them with a matching bracelet and ring for $20. Each set is beautifully wrapped to make a perfect impression. Shop Alma Molieri's full collection of jewelry.




Fresh, Love-filled Nando's Cookies

Okay back to sweets, I know you're probably thinking of chocolate dipped strawberries! But, what if you topped it off with a one-of-a-kind box of cookie deliciousness. There is no delicacy as special as custom, home-baked cookies made with love! You can reserve your cookies for pick up at 




Sweet Treat Personal Training Package 

We all know Valentine's Day is a time for sugar—but have no fear! You can get a special Personal Training Package for you or a loved one to work off those sweet treats! Enjoy four 1hr personal training sessions with Roxanne, plus a FREE Body Comp Assessment, all for $99! Call Roxanne at 512-632-8281 for details.




Valentine's Day Make-up & Skin Care 

Complete your Valentine's Day look with special make-up and skin care treatments—a great way to avoid those carbs and an excuse to pamper yourself or someone you love!

Skin care and Make-up Package
Get a ready-made Valentine's Day gift to treat yourself or someone you love! All gift packages are roughly 10 percent off at

Turmeric Peel Mask
Give the gift of beautiful skin with an amazing Turmeric Peel Mask. It is the perfect unique gift for that special someone! Learn more at

Mary Kay Timeless Beauty Package
Pucker lips and perk skin with the gift of timeless beauty. If you're interested, text Abbie at 512-775-5450 for more.